artistic pursuits


"Age gives you the freedom to do some things you've never
done before.  Great work can come at any stage of your life."
(Will Barnet) "With age, art and life become one." (Georges

Esoterica:  At the same time, aging is loaded with pitfalls that
can erode the valuable innocence and quick grasp of youth.
Practically every older artist has noticed that trodden (neural)
paths get re-trodden out of convenience and habit.  A growing
need for order and sense of propriety can take precedence over
blind flair.  Conditions like "homeostatic design tendency" and
"timid brush" need to be battled daily.  Aging artists (and the
young grown old) often need to apply a "vacuum cleaner of the
head."  If ever one of these instruments comes on the market,
please let us know.

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